Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Can We All Calm Down before We All Fall Down?

Trump is a loose cannon. He could have been more polite, and he could have waited until we had calmed down a bit, but we won't let him.

We want the magic words of healing, and we want them now.

There are no magic words of healing.

Trump is doing his best to tell us so.

His best seems to be woefully short.

But he is limited by the chacter count of the tweet.

Are you still trying to use the tweet to communicate? The tweet should be only used as an invitation to talk.

If you fail to listen after you tweet, you are not communicating.

If you fail to think about what the other guy is saying, especially, to think about the words you don't like and don't want to hear, you are not communicating.

Lack of communication leads to war.

(And that's a nice tweet isn't it? :-/)

Let's think about it.

Lack of communication comes in two forms -- silence and argument.

Silence is cold war. Argument is hot war.

How did we break the Berlin Wall down?

Communication. Listening. Both sides compromising a little at a time.

War broke out in Charlottesville.


There are people who get offended to discover that the US of A has a history of slavery. Perhaps they think that erasing the reminders of that history will somehow magically erase the evils of modern slavery.

It won't.

Lee had flaws, but he was a good man.

Malcolm X was another man who had flaws, but was a good man.

I wonder. Would it help to put up a statue of Malcom X next to the statue of Lee?

Maybe not a good idea today, anyway. Let's think about it again tomorow, when we aren't quite so excited and offended.

We need to talk about these kinds of things.

Not tweet.


Otherwise, what we are doing is no better than what Trump is doing.

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