Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Damage from Executive (dis-)Orders

I postulated damage if Trump were elected, based on the cluelessness of his campaign promises. He promised lots of things that bump into and go way beyond the Constitutional limits to presidential powers. I guess I didn't specify the reasons in my earlier post. Maybe I thought everyone would understand, or, at least, everyone who might read my blog.

Now he is playing the spoiled child.

The mere fact that he would attempt such executive orders does damage to the dignity of the office.

If he should actually get a court to approve such orders, it would do serious damage to the Constitution of the United States of America. It would seriously upset the balance of powers that is already so tenuous after the (un-)Patriot Act. That would make him guilty of treason, and give good reason to start impeachment proceedings.

This is the kind of damage I meant, eroding the checks and balances.

This is why I said, if you have money and are not being generous with it, now is the time to learn the reasons of generosity.

Now is the time to make jobs for the jobless, even if it's not immediately profitable.

Now is the time to voluntarily limit pollution.

Now is the time to donate, not products that your company sells, not computers that run your operating system and office software, not medicines for your favorite diseases, but money, to enable the recipients to do what they need to do whether it agrees with you or not.

Now is the time to quit trying to re-make other people and other countries in the image of your personal ideals.

Otherwise, expect war, and expect otherwise sane citizens of the USA to start agitating to allow Trump's illegal executive orders.

(And now is the time to start telling Trump, every time you see him, to learn how to work within the Constitution, and to try to help him understand what he can legally and morally do so that he'll quit trying to do things the wrong way.)

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