Wednesday, May 4, 2016

So, the Democrats' Trump Card Is Now on the Table

Well, I wonder, over here on the other side of the Pacific, what the next four years will be like.

I will not vote for Trump. I explained why in my earlier post:

My wife suggests that the US find somebody on welfare to designate as president. I vaguely remember an SF/F short story that went that way.

She also says Trump has a way with words that contradicts his gender. Hmm.

But, no, I won't vote for Hillary Clinton, either, not even for the warm fuzzies of having a woman president. She is not the right woman for the first woman to be in the office. We need a woman who not only understands power like Hillary does, but is also dedicated to overthrowing it like a guy named Moroni was some 2100 or so years ago.

The office makes the man -- neutral gender "man", here, okay? Whether hillary Clinton or The Donald Trump, Americans will not allow the next president to stray too far from the role of president. But the president also colors the office for the next generation, and neither Hillary nor Trump really understands what freedom is all about. And that means that the number of Americans who fail to understand will increase. Bring the great experiment in freedom a few decades closer to the inevitability of entropy.

If I could make clear claims to residency in the US for the last seventeen years, I think I'd join the ranks of declared non-party candidates. But the ruling party duopoly has rigged the rules around that, so I suppose it wouldn't do any good.

Maybe it's time to put the party system aside completely. Just ban political parties entirely for eight years.

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