Monday, March 7, 2016

Google Filtering This Blog?

I get the feeling that maybe there is some subtle manipulation of blogs on Google's part.

Some of my posts in this blog have somehow missed the usual announcement process.

They are published, they are visible, but they don't seem to get announced.

Generally, my posts to any of the (too many) blogs I have on blogspot register pageviews immediately. I hit the post button and I already have at least one view show up in my stats. If I check back in a few minutes, I have more views.

Yesterday, when I posted a rant recommending the President take more active part in cleaning up the mess of spaghetti that is the US Legal Code, there were no views of that page. There still aren't any views of that page as I type this.

Today, I started another rant, as a note to myself that I want to rant about Amendment 16. My thumb must have dragged on the trackpad when I was trying to backspace, to correct some mistyping in the title, and the publish button got pressed. There was nothing but an uninformative "Course Corrections #2: An Ammend" or something like that in the title, and nothing at all in the body.

It immediately got one view.

I quickly reverted that post to draft, and it is sitting there with 2 views recorded. (Maybe I should keep it as it is, and re-publish it, just to demonstrate what I mean a little more clearly. I'll have to think about whether that would be meaningful.) 

I remember this happening to at least one other post in this blog.

I don't remember whether it was my rant on the non-felicitous nature of the current definition of, and focus on terrorism that met the same fate, or my first rant here, on a proposed ammendment for avoiding the potential for re-interpreting treaty provisions into a loophole against the Constitution. But one of them did suffer this effect.

It could be a simple glitch. They definitely haven't completely blocked those posts, nor have they black-listed them in their search engine.

But they were not announced via Google+:
That's the way Google+ shows my blogs right now, in spite of having edited and re-published the rant on untangling the law at least twice since I published it last night.
The other time(s) this happened, the post(s) eventually found their way into Google+, after a day or more. It'll be interesting to see this time, as well.

So, glitch or hidden censorship? Or maybe there is a list Marm for Google+, monitoring for posts that need to be kept from the full light of day until someone makes sure they won't start a riot?

You know, I'm not sure that would even be unethical. I've concurred about monitoring on users groups in the past, still do. And social networking is basically setting up a very broad users group.

Anyway, let's see what happens.

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